Who We Are
Welcome to Modelvisioninc.com . Thank you your interest in our Website. At Modelvision we take pride in our longstanding reputation for outstanding quality, customer service and reliability bringing its 18+ years of experience in high quality prototyping.

Modelvision Inc. was founded in 1993 by David Spiegel and is located in New Milford, Connecticut. The company began as a quick-turn conventional Model Making shop. Exclusive focus was placed on striving to satisfy the needs of the Customer. This was successfully done by investing in the best technologies and focusing on outstanding customer service.

Today we are using the best and fastest technology to produce prototypes recognizing that speed without sacrificing quality are very important to our customers. Our team is proud of being part of the many different products being sold out in stores today. The top corporations in the world trusting and using Modelvision for production-like prototypes used for sales samples, photography, ergonomics, focus groups, concept studies and more.

Please take a little time to browse through the many ways Modelvision can become your product development partner.

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