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Our experienced staff, attention to detail, and the latest high precision technologies provide consistent, quality stereolithography models.

Stereolithography is a process which produces a physical, three dimensional object, conceptual model, or master pattern utilizing 3D CAD Data. A rapid prototyping machine uses a computer controlled laser to cure a photo-sensitive resin, layer by layer, to create the 3D part. SLA parts greatly assist in the visualization of a product, as well as communication between project team members.

3D Models are created with an extremely high level of detail and excellent surface finish making Stereolithography an excellent choice where a close approximation to the finished product is desired. The standard material is SOMOS 10122 which is a photopolymer resin designed to simulate ABS plastic. Like ABS it can be sanded, machined and painted for a more cosmetically accurate prototype.

Resin Choices

         DSM Somos 10122 (clear- Similar to ABS)

         Accura Xtreme (Grey - A tough, temperature resistant plastic)

         Accura 25 (White - soft material with the aesthetics of molded polypropylene


The standard finish for SLA parts involves the removal of support material and build lines with lite sanding and a bead blasting. This process gives the parts a matte, or frosted finish.

Additional finishing options are available but require a custom quote. On request SLA parts can be specially finished, making them ideal for use as masters in molding applications.

  • Painting and clear coats
  • Custom finishing available
  • Chrome-Like finish